Taliferrue : Fantasy Faire 2015: The Lost Hunt and a tour of the Fairielands

Fantasy Faire 2015: The Lost Hunt and a tour of the Fairielands

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So, I know I am supposed to be bringing you views of all the wonderful items to be had at the Fantasy Faire 2015, but I must confess… It is so amazing there… I get distracted… CONSTANTLY… so I am failing at blogging all the goodness I have to post.
 So since I am already distracted… Let me give you a a quick start up guide to The Fairelands hunt: THE LOST LAND and a tour of what you can see on the amazing FAIRELANDS . The Lost Land is not your typical hunt. It is a quest — where you take on the role of the main character!  The princess has been kidnapped and you must awaken the champions from their spell induced slumbers to bring her back to the lands and people who love her.