Defenders of Ippos & Pegasoi

Rainbow Mubble Feat. Musa , We <3 RP & Others

Rainbow Sundae

She was down to her last arrow already and the beast was showing no signs of injury despite their furious onslaught. She was annoyed with herself for underestimating this encounter and neglecting to have her arrows enchanted beforehand, a mistake that could yet cost her life.

Looking around she found her comrades weren’t faring much better and she mentally prepared herself for one last stand, hoping that she would have the courage to face what was coming. She almost wept with relief when she head Sorchiee sound the retreat and, still clutching her one remaining arrow, she hurried after them, vowing that the next time they faced this creature the outcome would be very different.

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I really enjoyed doing this shoot yesterday with the wonderful ladies of Ippos and Pegasoi. It’s the first time I’ve done a photo with more than two people in it which…

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