Meet Our World Builders: Loki Eliot

Fantasy Faire 2017

Loki Eliot Loki Eliot, the world builder of Echtra, ready to save the world of his own making!

Loki Eliot, the world builder behind the land of Echtra, shares with us how it has been like to build a whole Faireland the first time, tells plenty of wonderful details and advises how to learn even more about the story behind Echtra. He also reveals Echtra’s theme song and information about the roleplay that will take place in Echtra all throughout the Faire.

This is your first year of building a Faireland. How did you become a world-builder, and how has it been like?

It’s been fun, a lot of work, and some sleepless nights near the end, but I’ve been wanting to do a large scale project for a while and as last year’s Fantasy Faire came to a close I decided to put myself forward as a builder. The organisers…

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