Fair Play – Emerald City – Fantasy & Gothic Charity Event – Jewel Gacha Hunt – MARCH 2016

Fair Play – Emerald City – Fantasy & Gothic Charity Event – Jewel Gacha Hunt – MARCH 2016

Event Blog & Registration :  alice066.wix.com/fairplay

Emerald City is the new game design by Fair Play and was inspired by a game called “Jewel Quest”.

A new era is born: This is really something new and never seen on all the grid before: “The Jewel Gacha Hunt”! Play for a price without knowing which merchant release will drop.

The first “Team Gacha” in Second Life!!

Certainly, there will be also awesome new releases, who donates and charity a percentage to:
Relay For Life Of Second Life (American Cancer Society)
Team Fox For Parkinson’s Research

Taliferrue Cathaldus – @melroosplace – Feat Fallen Gods Inc.

Oh I have been a bad girl, indeed.

I have been a bad, bad girl. I fell off the wagon. You may remember that a few months ago I swore off gacha machines. Okay.. okay, maybe I didn’t swear off them completely. I swore that I would play them till I get my first duplicate item then stop.

Second Life Role-Play Fashion Review. Shaman

I was doing good too, that is till I saw all the pretty blog posts about the Fantasy Gacha Carnival featuring Alchemy’s Shaman outfit and Regal Lion Mounts. I just had to get my own. See effective blogging right there…. If you want to try for a set too you have till June 5th! Don’t dally!

Feat. Velvet Whip @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

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Colour Play


It is nearing the middle of the month, and that always means lots of new events starting on the grid.

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Dragon Maiden

Helena Stringer – feat. [Teri]otrope

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Dragon Maiden

Helena Stringer - Free*Style - Dragon Maiden

While checking on mainstore slurls, for another post, I stumbled on this awesome Dragony Head Adornment Thingy in a gacha. I thought all you would like it, so here we are.

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Tis Now The Witching Hour!



As the heaviness of the night weighs on our shoulders, the unsettlement slowly disperses when we realize that along with the doom and gloom, comes another round of The Witching Hour! Magical and paranormal gachas have descended upon the grid once more, and they’re all priced at just 50L per play. But the veil lifts on April 19th, so don’t miss your only chance to add a little magic to your life!




Teleport to The Witching Hour


The Witching Hour Blog

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