Fantasy Cream – Mini Hunt

Left side of the contest board is a sign that reads “HUNT”.
Click that and it gives you a notecard with the following instructions:

Quick and easy instructions since we know, most of you hate reading :)

TIME : Each Fantasy Cream

ITEM  :    Item looking like the one the “hunt” sign is hanging at !

HOW :  You find a hint and a landmark in each item- visit the vendors store to look for a second twig.

COSTS :  free!

1  look about 30 m of the vendors
2  visit the vendor main store and look 30 m from the landing

HOW MANY  : We did not count ! But all creators agreed to provide at least 1 gift

ELSE : Enjoy your stay at Dandelion Daydreams Factory!
Bring your friends , relax, dance, enjoy the forest.

In case you make photos or videos, feel free to share them with us!
We collect  :
or tell us where we find them :)

Visit Fantasy Cream :


Q: Where is the hint blog.
A: Its called “hunt ” for a reason. Hints are what you are hunting for first.

Q: Where are the links to the stores
A: Here – though you wont get around searching for the twigs with the hints ^^

Q: How many prizes are there?
A: As many as you find, at minimum

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