Here a selection of the most frequently asked questions and according answers.
If you have further Questions: contact me!

Current Version: 5.02

Q:  Where can I get the latest update of the Grid Crier Kiosk?
and at the SL Marketplace

Q: What does your service cost?
A: Nothing. This service is what we do voluntarily because we like to do it.
But: Everyone can show their appreciation for our work due tips.

Q:  Who can announce?
A:  High Quality Original Content Creators of the Theme -We accept only true creators and artists using original content who are realizing their dream.
RP Realms / Artist / Musicians / DJs /  Entertainers / Event organizers of the Theme

Q: I have Rental offers. Can I announce them?
A: No Rental Offers in Notices. ( Spam risk)
Put your rental offers in your newsletter please.
And NEW: http://goo.gl/forms/Xck6xP6QMm
You can file this form and we consider adding your offers to the official list.

Q:  Where can I get the lists of the Grid Crier approved quality
Medieval and Fantasy RP Realm, Stores, Sims and Services?
Each – updated- Grid Crier Sign sends you the lists on click. Grid wide.
Edit: NEW – The Lists can be seen Here (stores) & Here (RP Realms)

Q:  Some Landmarks are not working – What is wrong?
A:   We do our best to keep LMs up to date, checking on them regularly; however, most of the time someone forgot to send us their updated Info. If you let us know, we can fix.

Q:  I don’t receive the Notices- how can I fix that?
A:  Enable ” Receive Notices” in the Group information, first tab. For older notices check the notices tab.

Q:  My Store or Service was already approved. Why do I need to file the Form again?
With filling the form we have your information automatically in the Data Base, and this spares us hours of work. Updating your information is easier that way, and while Notecards get easily lost, the Data Base is constant there.

Q:  Where is the Grid Crier Headquarter and HUB?

Q:  I want to have a Sim, Service or Brand added to the database
A:  File an application form

Q:  I have a store and a sim/service… can I advertise for both?
A:  You need to file an application form for each separately. It is services we approve, not persons.

Q:  I want to recommend a Sim, Service or Brand to be added.
How can I do that?
A:  Send the “M&F GC All You Need Package v 5.02– 06-2015– (boxed)” Box to the responsible person (Sim owner, Store Owner, Artist) or give them this URL : https://medievalsl.wordpress.com and suggest to apply.

Q:  I applied. Why is my Sim, Brand or Service not listed?
A:  You may need to be patient, or we are unable to find your location, or the M&F GC Kiosk sign is not placed in your sim, headquarter or shop, or your place/ service does not meet the requirements. Human or technical mistake is always possible, time is precious, and declined is declined. (You may want to apply again when you adjusted your service/location towards the requirements).

Q:  I am approved Announcer. What can I announce?
A:  Only for the location/service you are approved for, within the Rules

Q:  Why was the In World Group Chat not available for all?
A:   It was only available for announcers because it got abused for Advertising Spam for a long time.

Q:  Why is the In World Group Chat now available for all?
A:   In best hope that it will not be abused for Advertising Spam we give it a new try

Q:  I want to support the Sim I RP at. Can I announce too?
A:  Only one approved Announcer per RP Realm. Send the “M&F GC All You Need Package v 5.02– 06-2015– (boxed)” Box to the responsible person (Sim owner) or give them this URL : https://medievalsl.wordpress.com and suggest to apply. They can declare you as their Announcer.

Q:  Why is rezzing the Grid Crier Sign a requirement?
A:  Because it is linked to our server and gives everyone who clicks it the newest update of the approved places and services Lists.
It also is a group joiner. The more people join, the more potential traffic/customer for you.

Q:  Do I need to register somewhere ?
A:  You don’t have to register to file a form.

Q:  Why did you take down the applications for  RP Realms ?
A:  Most so called ” RP Sims” are bluntly ugly and don’t meet our understanding of quality. Such” RP Sims” seldom last longer than three months and its highly time consuming to add/remove and to track whether they still exist or not.
Edit: How ever.. the RP sims application is open again.

Q: Will you open applications for RP Realms again?
A: Yes. Within the next days, thanks to the new Officers that joined us in 2013. Just a little more patience.
Edit: RP sims application is open again.


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