The Medieval and Fantasy Grid Crier strives to maintain a high quality of information on the best of the best Medieval & Fantasy Roleplay Stores and Roleplay Entertainment in Second Life.

Help us by continuing to be the best of the best announcers of the Medieval & Fantasy Theme in Second Life as well.

Keep Spam at lowest; Keep the quality of announcements at highest.
Grid Crier is here to inform, not annoy.

Everyone can invite new members.
Everyone can rezz as many Grid Crier Signs as they wish.
Only approved Representatives can send notices.
Only approved Locations are listed.
Chat is open ONLY for approved Representatives and not meant for advertising.
Change in August 2015:
Chat is open for chatting and not for advertising.


– Rezzing at least one updated Grid Crier Sign at your landing spot is a requirement.
– No Caps
– No Spam
– No advertising in group chat
– You wont advertise for anything but what you got approved for.
– Any change (move, other announcer) requires a new online application.

Your are responsible
to inform us about changes

  • We will revoke your notice rights in case of massive spam and or unacceptable announcement.
  • We will revoke your notice rights in case we can’t find the up to date grid crier anywhere around your landing spot
  • We will revoke your notice rights in case we cannot find your Location

Please note:

Receiving Notice rights entitles you to announce for the Service you got approved for only.
No Exception.

Conditional acceptable:
Hunts, especially grid wide RP Hunts, occasional Sim Hunts;
– especially if the hunt lasts over days/weeks/months and Faires.
Send us a NOTECARD to request approval for this event and wait for feedback.

Will check each applying location / Artist / Entertainment for quality /usability /theme analogy and a good visible rezzed (up to date) Grid Crier Client.


We accept only true creators and artists of the theme, using original content who are realizing their dream.

We won’t accept Malls;
We won’t accept Markets;
We won’t accept Stores where the ideas are still forming;
We won’t accept Stores where we suspect content theft;
We wont accept stores that only exist on the SL Marketplace;

– Rezzing a Grid Crier Sign is a requirement
– No Caps
– No Spam
– No MM
– No weekly low prize offers
– No 25, 30, 35, 40, 50, 55 and so on L$ events

To keep it simple: :
No Prices in Notices. Put them in an attached Notecards
* ok: 1 notice per new releases/ week
* ok: Weekly or Monthly newsletter << put your special offers and prices in there


We might accept applications from in theme
– Event Hosts / Hubs
– Galleries, RP Schools and Academies.
– Musicians and Bands ( life or performed)
– Entertainers, Artists, Roleplay Troupes


put the Grid Crier Information in your Profile Picks;
and, if you have a location: rezz at least 1 Grid Crier Sign good visible at your landing spot

* ok: 1 notice per event start
* ok: Weekly or Monthly newsletter << put your weekly / monthly Events in there



We may accept what we consider a full immersive high Quality Roleplay Realm.
We will accept ONE main Landing spot per Realm. And approve the realm as whole.
No need to apply for each single Kingdom and Isle in your Environment.
We won’t accept Realms where the ideas are still forming;
We won’t accept ugly Sims;
We won’t accept “Parcel -Realms”;
We won’t accept Realms that have theme unrelated direct neighbors, e.g shopping sims/ modern or rental sims;

– Rezzing a Grid Crier Sign is a requirement
– No Caps
– No Spam
– No advertising in group chat

NEW * ok: 1 Recruiting Notice per week * NEW
* ok:  Monthly or weekly Newsletter 

* ok: 1 notice for each BIG RP event in advance to promote the event

Your newsletter can inform about your Realm, your weekly and monthly repeating RP and OOC Events, Available Rentals and Open Recruitment.



If acceptable, in theme and approved, we add your offers to our official Medieval & Fantasy in SL Notecard.

We reserve the right to decline anything not meeting our Imagination of Quality and ‘ In Theme ‘

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