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Oh I have been a bad girl, indeed.

I have been a bad, bad girl. I fell off the wagon. You may remember that a few months ago I swore off gacha machines. Okay.. okay, maybe I didn’t swear off them completely. I swore that I would play them till I get my first duplicate item then stop.

Second Life Role-Play Fashion Review. Shaman

I was doing good too, that is till I saw all the pretty blog posts about the Fantasy Gacha Carnival featuring Alchemy’s Shaman outfit and Regal Lion Mounts. I just had to get my own. See effective blogging right there…. If you want to try for a set too you have till June 5th! Don’t dally!

Feat. Velvet Whip @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

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Colour Play


It is nearing the middle of the month, and that always means lots of new events starting on the grid.

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