Taliferrue Cathaldus Feat. Gauze, Dandelion Daydreams Factory and others in ‘Homage to the Beauty and the Beast… ‘

Second Life Role-Play Fashion Review

@Melroo’s Place Feat. Gauze and BMe

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Fantasy Role-Play: A bit under the water….there be Mer-folk!


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Today I received several goodies that made me take a little swim in my underwater world. I do not think I have ever actually did a mermaid post. I have often enjoyed other Blogger’s mermaid posts.So when I received two wonderful water themed outfits from BlueMoon Enterprises I couldn’t resist trying my hand at it. I made photos for when my Mermaid is under the water and on land. I stole from the myth that when Mer-people come to land their tails turn to legs. I think they turned out quite well.


Second Life Women's Fashion Review, featuring Mermaids.

A Noble Warrior… Taliferrue Cathaldus Feat. Gauze

Hi everyone, I have a few more Fantasy Faire goodies for you to check out. I wanted to share a bit for the guys. though Mel tells me I make girly guys..so I hope all you girly guys out there like what I have for you today! And if you are not “girly” I hope you find something you like too!

Cane ’em Abel – Featuring Gauze and others @ Fantasy Faire SL 2015

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Kissed by Dragon’s Breath.

Fantasy Fair 2015- Relay for Life.
A must for all Fantasy lovers, so many sims I lost count and all created with flare and imagination. Amazing!