Happy Birthday ! 6 Years Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier

Luna and I planned and started the Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier in September 2009.

There have been a only handful Medieval Fantasy Roleplay Sims, and only a handful of Medieval Fantasy Creators way back then, looong before mesh. And player been constantly like : where do I get a gown, where do I find good elven ears , which sim allows dragons…and the likes. Some dedicated player put notecards together and handed them out – I  made one for stores selling elven things, others made dragon related ones , etc, depending on what faction/ race they represented.

The downside : such cards are soon outdated when landmarks are leading to empty or non existent plots, due to stores closing and moving.

Luna and I thought, it would be cool to bring them all together , the landmarks, and have a regularly updated list, with landmarks that actually always work. And so the Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier got born.

We also thought of having hunts and markets a lot. Thought of . Not seriously started to actually think about!

But this year we thought – hell, when, if not now!
Finding the right name was the hardest task – but eventually we decided for Fantasy CreamFantasy Cream is Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier Creators Showcase, Contest and Hunt in one. And we keep it small for now. Thinking that 13 is a cool number, it is 13 Vendors.

And it happens, that the first Fantasy Cream falls on the actual Birthday month of The Medieval & Fantasy Grid Crier !
So, Happy Birthday , MFGC !

happy birthday - six years medieval fantasy grid crier!

Six Years ! Grab your Birthday Gift from the Headquarter or Fantasy Cream, or Group Notices!