from 18th March to 18th April 2016.

Visit :


"Celtic trinity Knot"  Light Star by Krystal Silverweb
“Celtic trinity Knot” Light Star by Krystal Silverweb
"Animated Chicken Family" Sweet Revolution by Sweetgwendoline Bailey
“Animated Chicken Family” Sweet Revolution by Sweetgwendoline Bailey
"Spring Fairy Charm" Bam-Pu Legacies - Bambi Chicque
“Spring Fairy Charm” Bam-Pu Legacies – Bambi Chicque
"Rebecca - Sky" BMe by SolasNaGealai
“Rebecca – Sky” BMe by SolasNaGealai
“Slavers Ruin” Charis Design by Charis
"Blue Bird Ensemble"  Coveted by Tifridh Fallen
“Blue Bird Ensemble” Coveted by Tifridh Fallen
Jinx - Talusea Blissful - FC Exclusive copia
“Talusea -Blissful” Jinx by Julala Demina
Kaleidos Pink Roses copia
“Kaleidos – Pink roses” EvelineInTheBox by Eveline Ashbourne
"Beyond the corner" Touryuumon: Maho Sukuroru by Silverfox Rainbow
“Beyond the corner” Touryuumon: Maho Sukuroru by Silverfox Rainbow
"Nearly Spring" FANTAVATAR & MOONSTRUCK by Luna Barak
“Nearly Spring” FANTAVATAR & MOONSTRUCK by Luna Barak
LD Oculus Fungi Fatpack FC 512
“Oculus Fungi and Flory ” Lilith’s Den by Alrunia Ahn


Fantasy Cream III

The Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier (MFGC) and Dandelion Daydreams Factory are proud hosts to the 3rd Fantasy Cream.

What started in 2009 (by the genius minds of Luna Barak and myself  ) as a handy list of stores for Medieval Fantasy Roleplay needs, grew to one of the best known long-time newsgroups of the medieval fantasy genre in Second Life.

To keep it fun and interesting we started to host the seasonal Fantasy Cream.
– a Show-Off Market – Contest with a little scavenger hunt with a selected number of Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier Merchants.

As usual there will be delicious creamy tasty exclusive products on the voting board.
The voters as well as the merchants taking part have the chance of winning prizes!

Fantasy Cream Poster March_April

We cannot wait to see what the merchants came up with this time !

When: March 18 – April 18 2016
Flickr Foto Pool :
Fantasy Cream Blog:

Fantasy Cream II in full swing

The Medieval & Fantasy Grid Crier creators of fantasy exclusive creations come together for the second round of Fantasy Cream running until January, 18th 2016.

While you can vote  (and maybe win) for your favorite exclusive fantasy creation and hunt for small gifts, you can also become creative in your own way.

Michael Romani has done that and here is the amazing outcome:

Fantasy Cream 2 Second Life, Medieval & Fantasy Grid Crier Market - Contest - Hunt
click here to visit Michael Romani on flickr

This reminds strongly of ▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓ and his favorite choice of colors, who visited 20 days later to take some amazing photos as well.

This one is not directly from the Fantasy Cream, but still the very same Dandelion Daydreams Factory,  home sim of the Medieval & Fantasy Grid Crier , free accessible to everyone.

Visit at any time, whether it is for shopping , hunting, playing the Krampus adventure game, the escape the room game “ Chapel Of No Escape ” or hanging around alone or with friends, for making machinima, or taking photos.

Fantasy Cream II Open Now!

The Second Edition of Fantasy Cream is Market – Contest – Hunt in one and now open , until 18th January 2016.

Fantasy Cream

Selected medieval fantasy creators show off their most juicy, tasty, creamy, deeeeelicious and exclusive creations at Fantasy Cream. Event held Dec. 18 – Jan. 18. More at

Visit in Second Life

Apply Early For * * FANTASY CREAM * *

Fantasy Cream 2 from 18 dec to 18 jan

Next :  18th December 2015 – 18th January 2016


You will find there the most juicy, tasty, creamy, deeeeelicious and exclusive creations ever created by the beautiful minds of the MFGC Merchants.

A number of the MFGC Merchants will have their very best creations on offer and one exclusive new for and during the event.

Cuz we love Medieval Fantasy !!!

** Click Here To Apply **
Not a MFGC merchant yet? 
click additionally here to apply for becoming one


Merchants show one exclusive creation purposely made for the event.
The Visitors of the FANTASY CREAM Market are invited to vote for their preferred exclusive creation among those shown in the voting area. Three people among those who have voted during the event will be randomly chosen and will win a big prize gently made available by some of the MFGC merchants.
The MFGC Merchant who receives the higher number of votes over their exclusive creation will have a free featured place in Dandelion until the next Fantasy Cream Contest Winner is chosen.


All participating creators offer a gift to hunt for .
An example of the Hunt item is by the Contest Board during Fantasy Cream.



Poster MFGC Fantasy Cream-1

Happy Birthday ! 6 Years Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier

Luna and I planned and started the Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier in September 2009.

There have been a only handful Medieval Fantasy Roleplay Sims, and only a handful of Medieval Fantasy Creators way back then, looong before mesh. And player been constantly like : where do I get a gown, where do I find good elven ears , which sim allows dragons…and the likes. Some dedicated player put notecards together and handed them out – I  made one for stores selling elven things, others made dragon related ones , etc, depending on what faction/ race they represented.

The downside : such cards are soon outdated when landmarks are leading to empty or non existent plots, due to stores closing and moving.

Luna and I thought, it would be cool to bring them all together , the landmarks, and have a regularly updated list, with landmarks that actually always work. And so the Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier got born.

We also thought of having hunts and markets a lot. Thought of . Not seriously started to actually think about!

But this year we thought – hell, when, if not now!
Finding the right name was the hardest task – but eventually we decided for Fantasy CreamFantasy Cream is Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier Creators Showcase, Contest and Hunt in one. And we keep it small for now. Thinking that 13 is a cool number, it is 13 Vendors.

And it happens, that the first Fantasy Cream falls on the actual Birthday month of The Medieval & Fantasy Grid Crier !
So, Happy Birthday , MFGC !

happy birthday - six years medieval fantasy grid crier!

Six Years ! Grab your Birthday Gift from the Headquarter or Fantasy Cream, or Group Notices!

Fantasy Cream

Fantasy Cream.

SL12B – Don’t Forget About The Exhibitors » Ciaran Laval


Read here :SL12B – Don’t Forget About The Exhibitors » Ciaran Laval.

Elves Bearing Gifts

Read here :SL12B – Don’t Forget About The Exhibitors » Ciaran Laval.

Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier @ SLB12 Preview

This year again the Second Life community celebrates Second Life’s Birthday with a multi-sim mega hyper party.


And the Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier is part of it !
All over the 14 sims are exhibitions, performances, Live acts… and HuntSL organizes a huge SL12Big Hunt!

This is an Andy Warhol inspired preview of the Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier display @ SL12B.

More info here :

Shayariel Teardrop Feat Homebase & Whatz

Original @

Lady Vales of the Docks

Isn`t it just gorgeous? Sitting in the Pavillon enjoying the sunset.