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Oh I have been a bad girl, indeed.

I have been a bad, bad girl. I fell off the wagon. You may remember that a few months ago I swore off gacha machines. Okay.. okay, maybe I didn’t swear off them completely. I swore that I would play them till I get my first duplicate item then stop.

Second Life Role-Play Fashion Review. Shaman

I was doing good too, that is till I saw all the pretty blog posts about the Fantasy Gacha Carnival featuring Alchemy’s Shaman outfit and Regal Lion Mounts. I just had to get my own. See effective blogging right there…. If you want to try for a set too you have till June 5th! Don’t dally!




Ballet Pixelle® will premiere its 20th original ballet, “Chimera", Sunday,  April 12, 2015, at 5:00 pm



“Chimera” will be presented Wednesdays and Sundays at 5pm until May 31.


Ballet Pixelle® also was also good enough to thank the designers who donated stuff for the productions:
Sponsor for Ballet Pixelle chimera
For the Sylph (Elemental Wisp) Avatars in Act I: Lilith’s Den
Sponsor for Ballet Pixelle chimera
For the Flame Avatar in Act II: Bright Shadows
Donated items for BALLET PIXELLE® "CHIMERA"
For the donation of the Lightning in Act III: Illusions

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The Desert is in my blood…. | @Melroo’s Place

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The Desert is in my blood….

I have one last offering before the Fantasy Faire closes it’s door. I decided to set up home in a different environment than my normal forest settings. It’s so rare we see any desert homes featured.  So when I saw Independent  Objects Moroccan Homes I had to feature a few. As, always see the shopping list at the end for details on the items and my opinions. Remember tomorrow is the last day for the Fantasy Faire 2015.

Rustic yet magical | @Melroo’s Place

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Rustic yet magical

 Afternoon Everyone, Today I have some more great home stuff you can pick up at the fantasy fair. It is over on the 3rd, so if you see something you can’t live with out ..grab it now! As always, check the shopping list for greater detail on all the stuff in my pictures. It makes it easy to read about the item you are interested in. 

A Noble Warrior… Taliferrue Cathaldus Feat. Gauze

Hi everyone, I have a few more Fantasy Faire goodies for you to check out. I wanted to share a bit for the guys. though Mel tells me I make girly guys..so I hope all you girly guys out there like what I have for you today! And if you are not “girly” I hope you find something you like too!