The Medieval & Fantasy Grid Crier

The Network Group for Medieval & Fantasy Roleplayer and Lifestyler in Secondlife closes.

        September 2009 – 2016

This is a long time!  The original purpose was to help roleplayer to find good rp sims of the genre and matching props and outfits. SL grew and we find that these days the inworld group with our special service is no longer required.

You find roleplay sims of all genres and languages at the #WoRPG
You find roleplay outfits and props of different qualities in various stores, sales events and hunts permanently and all over the grid.Several forums, portals and magazines do an awesome job as well to keep you informed about hunts and sales events.

For this reason, and this time final, we say good bye to MFGC .

Luna and I will from here focus on Fantasy Cream instead.
Feel free to join the group.
(copy paste into main chat)