Fantasy Cream III

The Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier (MFGC) and Dandelion Daydreams Factory are proud hosts to the 3rd Fantasy Cream.

What started in 2009 (by the genius minds of Luna Barak and myself  ) as a handy list of stores for Medieval Fantasy Roleplay needs, grew to one of the best known long-time newsgroups of the medieval fantasy genre in Second Life.

To keep it fun and interesting we started to host the seasonal Fantasy Cream.
– a Show-Off Market – Contest with a little scavenger hunt with a selected number of Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier Merchants.

As usual there will be delicious creamy tasty exclusive products on the voting board.
The voters as well as the merchants taking part have the chance of winning prizes!

Fantasy Cream Poster March_April

We cannot wait to see what the merchants came up with this time !

When: March 18 – April 18 2016
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Fantasy Cream Blog:

Fantasy Cream II in full swing

The Medieval & Fantasy Grid Crier creators of fantasy exclusive creations come together for the second round of Fantasy Cream running until January, 18th 2016.

While you can vote  (and maybe win) for your favorite exclusive fantasy creation and hunt for small gifts, you can also become creative in your own way.

Michael Romani has done that and here is the amazing outcome:

Fantasy Cream 2 Second Life, Medieval & Fantasy Grid Crier Market - Contest - Hunt
click here to visit Michael Romani on flickr

This reminds strongly of ▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓ and his favorite choice of colors, who visited 20 days later to take some amazing photos as well.

This one is not directly from the Fantasy Cream, but still the very same Dandelion Daydreams Factory,  home sim of the Medieval & Fantasy Grid Crier , free accessible to everyone.

Visit at any time, whether it is for shopping , hunting, playing the Krampus adventure game, the escape the room game “ Chapel Of No Escape ” or hanging around alone or with friends, for making machinima, or taking photos.

Poivre Rose / Foxelektra Featuring Lure


Foxelektra resident is wearing…. Read the original Post here

Taliferrue : Fantasy Faire 2015: The Lost Hunt and a tour of the Fairielands

Fantasy Faire 2015: The Lost Hunt and a tour of the Fairielands

 Read the whole original Post and see the many amazing pictures here @

So, I know I am supposed to be bringing you views of all the wonderful items to be had at the Fantasy Faire 2015, but I must confess… It is so amazing there… I get distracted… CONSTANTLY… so I am failing at blogging all the goodness I have to post.
 So since I am already distracted… Let me give you a a quick start up guide to The Fairelands hunt: THE LOST LAND and a tour of what you can see on the amazing FAIRELANDS . The Lost Land is not your typical hunt. It is a quest — where you take on the role of the main character!  The princess has been kidnapped and you must awaken the champions from their spell induced slumbers to bring her back to the lands and people who love her.

Helena Stringer Blog : Featuring Musa & PoshTale

Fantasy Faire 2015 – Light Weaver

Fantasy Faire 2015 - Helena Stringer - Light Weaver - 1

Protector of magic,
Weaver of light,
guide us through the unyielding night.

Fly up high,
If you dare,
Shadows encroach and you must beware.

Forces unknown,
Wish to fight,
To hammer down those who shine bright.

Fear not,
One so fair,
I am here to heed your prayer.

A poem by Helena Stringer

Read on :

Cane ’em Abel – Featuring Gauze and others @ Fantasy Faire SL 2015

Blog 147

Kissed by Dragon’s Breath.

Fantasy Fair 2015- Relay for Life.
A must for all Fantasy lovers, so many sims I lost count and all created with flare and imagination. Amazing!

Medieval Fantasy Fair


Medieval Fantasy Fair 3 - Dark Bloody Tales

The Creators of Fantasy Invite You!

A Dream goes into the Third Round!
Due to the success of the last 2 Medieval Fantasy Fairs, we are doing it again!

Date: 22.03.2014 – 30.03.2014
Theme : Medieval and / or Fantasy ” Dark Bloody Tales”

50 medieval/fantasy creators and shops will welcome you!
Only Mittelalter – Fantasie – Gothic Products ! ! !

There are 50 shops available

25 Prim = 125 L$
50 Prim = 250 L$

If you are a merchant and want to be part of the fair:
Fill out the application form here


Creators of Fantasy Group:

Your Orga Team in this Round:

eldowyn Inshan
Sweetgwendoline Bailey
Alrunia Ahn
Men Dinzel

See you at the Fair !



Die Creators of Fantasy Laden Dich Ein!

Ein Traum geht in die Dritte Runde!
Nach dem Erfolg der letzten beiden Mittelalter Fantasy Fairs, tun wir es nochmal!

Datum: 22.03.2014 – 30.03.2014
Thema: Mittelalter und / oder Fantasy ” Dunkle Blutige Märchen”

50 Mittelalter/Fantasy/Gothic Hersteller und Geschäfte werden dich willkommen heissen !

Ausschließlich Mittelalter – Fantasie – Gothic Produkte ! ! !

Wir haben 50 Läden für euch reserviert

25 Prim = 125 L$
50 Prim = 250 L$

Wenn du Händler bist und Teil der Messe sein möchtest:
Fülle die Bewerbung hier aus

Wir sehen uns auf der Messe!



Medieval Fantasy Fair. /viaMedieval Fantasy Fair.



Medieval Fantasy Hunt XI

Hosted by Creators of Fantasy

Medieval Fantasy Hunt XI

05. – 31.01.2014
To join Medieval Fantasy Hunt Group,copy the text into your chat window and then click the green text : secondlife:///app/group/1c090b7d-abea-df4b-7068-200ccd39bc89/about



Medieval Fantasy Fair ” CIRCUS ” – Last Weekend
Come one come all – Do the cannonball ride
Visit the enchanted forest
Sights you’ve never seen before
Hunt – Games – Prizes – Merriment

5. & 6. October


Sunday, October, 6th, Noon SLT ( 12 pm SLT )


SLs Only & supreme circus acrobatic fire show
with a mixture of highly spiritual music & cosmic speech
blended with universal insight, wisdom and philosophy.


50 medieval/fantasy creators and shops welcome you and offer you sights you have never seen before!

Take a cannonball ride or swing yourself down from the ship to the fair and enjoy your stay.

Follow the wooden signs to the enchanted forest hunt as many of the creators offer you amazing prizes

We hope to see you all there

Creators of Fantasy:
Aischa Akina
Alexander Waverider
Eldowyn Inshan
Men Dinzel
Alrunia Ahn

Update 5.01c

Apologies for the inconvenience. I know everyone of us is eager working,  especially that close to the Medieval Fantasy Fair 2.

It is required that all approved locations replace the old with the new (attached) grid crier signs asap.

Of course, any who wish and can, can rezz them as well.
Thank you for your support and making this group successful :)