Technical Info & History

Technical Info

The Medieval & Fantasy Grid  Crier exists since September 2009

The Medieval & Fantasy Grid  Crier Vendor works as client and comes with some additions.

– All announcer
receive the   “M & F Grid Crier v 5.02 – client ”  to set up at their Landing-spots.

– All members
are invited to Rezz the M & F Grid Crier v 5.02 -client ” where they like ( and where allowed)

The M & F Grid Crier v 5.02 -client
is a click /menu driven
– Group Joiner
– Dispenser  for the updated – List of all approved Locations /Services,

Please replace the old M&F GC vendor with the newest (M & F Grid Crier v 5.02)

M & F Grid Crier v 5.02 (Display 2 Li)
M & F Grid Crier v 5.02 ( Stand mesh 2 Li)
M & F Grid Crier v 5.02 (Kiosk mesh 1 Li)
M & F Grid Crier v 5.02 ( Simple Sign 1 Li)
M & F Grid Crier v 5.02 (Sign 2 Li)

(cop/ mod/trans/ copyable by every one)

Do NOT -under any circumstances- change the description of the root prim, or the item server can NOT send the updated News!
Feel free to change the Vendor to your optical needs. Renaming wont effect the functionality.
Feel also free to send the package to who ever you think matches the term ” Quality Medieval Fantasy Creator, Artist or Entertainment”

update 1
Notecard Client fixed


update 2
Functionality fixed after a griefer attack- server went “off sim” and got returned, why the UUID changed.
Used the occasion to remove the ” URL” button – the blog system we used became commercial was anyway barely used, and to reduce prims from 5 to 3 (yay!)


update 3
Application progress changed from notecards to Web Form.
Chat only open for announcers
Twitter off revoked
HQ moved, server ID changed
Blog created


update 4
Blog move to wordpress
HQ moved
RP Sims removed from service
Ad boards installed


update 5.01

Extension of Staff – We welcome four new Officers
Bilingual – Adding German Rules
HQ & Ad Boards cancelled
RP Realms OK again
New Kiosk Design added
Rules Updated


update 5.02

Fixed: Notecard Server fails sending the Medieval & Fantasy in SL lists after moving.
New Design added.

HQ at Dandelion Daydreams Factory
Officers list cleaned.
Blogger Manager and staff of Bloggers added

August 2015
Chat is open  for everyone again.
Fantasy Cream is coming.

Best regards
Your M&F GC -Team


update 6.0

September 2016: Closing the service.

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